Our Ihland Garden Dental Care team is here to serve our patients and community with caring, comprehensive dental care for children, teenagers and adults. We are committed to listening to our patients' requests and desires as well as helping with any oral health needs. Gentleness, listening, and compassion are our most important goals for patient care. In addition, we are pleased to offer the most up-to-date technology for the highest quality dental care. Our office is open Monday through Friday plus one Saturday per month and we will strive to make your appointment times convenient.
Restorative Team
We are happy to introduce our friendly and outstanding team of dental assistants, who will ensure the comfort, safety, and efficiency of your visits. They provide many supportive procedures for dentistry, such as making beautifully fitting temporary crowns, and providing great fluoride treatments and cleanings for children.  Not only do our assistants help you with your treatment, they are also happy to explain any procedures that we offer.  They are experts in the science of keeping all our facilities clean and all instruments sterile for your safety.  You will notice the care they give in preparing an individualized treatment area for your comfort as well.  Most of all, our dental assistants really enjoy the time they have to create a long-lasting relationship with you for your health.  Along with professionalism and comfort, we also want to have fun!
Hygiene Team
Our professional, licensed dental hygienists are passionate about partnering with our patients to support and maintain oral health with the utmost compassion and the highest standard of care.    They will help evaluate your oral condition, and their recommendations and treatments for your oral health will be individualized to your needs.  Our hygienists pursue continuing education that keeps us fluent in the latest healthcare information and technology.  Our team is able to provide an array of hygiene treatments, and we offer multiple methods to maximize patient comfort.  Our hygiene team is devoted to optimum lifetime oral health for all our patients.
Administrative Team
Our administrative team members are our customer care specialists, and are here to welcome you and provide for the logistics of your visits with us.   We want you to feel like our dental practice is your dental home, and that you should rely on us for any communication you may wish with our office.  Our service to you ensures that the arrangements for your appointments and financial considerations are made by listening carefully to you. Clarity and compassion are our goals for all our communications.  We are proud to provide the services of assistance with insurance billing and providing reasonable, individualized payment plans.  We welcome your questions and comments and wish your experience to be of the highest quality.